Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Sorry that I never posted for a while i was sooo busy with school and stuff like that I have something to tell you guys and it is DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! PLEASE checkout my instagram it is @AZRAAH_VARIND ps it is in capital letters

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fashion Outfits for Winter!!

I love fashion it is a big part of my life and i love to dress up and dance around and then take it of and then try on another outfit and do that like 1000 times on Sunday i wore a white baggy long sleeve knitted top with brown Ugg boots and a black tights and a high messy bun and a scarf and i think it looked super amazing and by the way i bought my t-shirt from cotton on in Canal Walk by the way that is in Cape Town if you are reading this from a different country well you probably don't have Canal Walk where you are from so yah if you are from a different country please be sure to comment down below and tell me about your country and if your country is very interesting i will blog about it remember please follow me on Instagram @AZRAAH_VARIND ps it is in CAPS thanks super fans and not creepy stalkers that might be checking out my blog anyway thanks 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

my favourite food is a salad with fruit and it tastes very nice i have it for luch on the weekends when i don't wan't to make something hard like a sandwich i know i sound rediclious but yip that is how i roll i love it so much when i eat it it feels like i am in heaven you can buy them at Woolworths for only R40.00 and that is kind of cheap. i ate it last week.


drizzle of honey


first put the lettuce in the bowl then banans then chop up your cucamber put that in also chop up your strawberries watermelon then once everything is in the bowl pore in your yogurt and drizzle the honey.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Yummy i think you should try it if you live in America which i do not so i cant try it but it looks super yummy if you try it please be sure to tell me on INSTAGRAM @azraah_varind
That is so not true i know the coolest person ever and her name is ice cream girl aka kiona be sure to checkout her blog Kiona's Amazing Blog please tell all your friends about my blog and hers to get us to 10'000 page viewers thanks guys PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @ azraah_varind

I am picturing the perfect weekend will be with my friends in our pj's watching movies telling each other secrets. Then Kiona and Imaan and I would take a trip to Los Angeles and France we will have lots of ice cream like they have amazing ice cream like seriously we will try on outfits and have PIZZA!!! Eating pineapples on the beach in LA it would be the best experience ever messing around swimming. Chating to the people you love.